Best Torrent Sites For Movie Download in 2017

Those days are now old and gone when you had to book movie tickets every time and plan out for an outing to watch Whichever movie you wanted to watch. Thanks to the Internet and download protocols that have evolved the websites that we see as an integral part of our web life. Just like social media, torrents sites have gone viral, and most of the Internet users consider them the primary source for downloading whatever they want.

Be it software, movies or e-books torrents have been the Savior. Oops, but we have to pay the price for using torrents. Lots of viruses, theft risk come as the byproduct of those sites. They are not legal to use on these days. The original creators and developers do not like piracy neither do our government.

So Shall we discuss only the original and risk-free top 5 torrents movie download sites that you have been looking for so long? Safety will be the primary motivate.

Torrent Sites

What is Torrent?

Torrent is a download protocol that uses seeding and point to point sharing technologies to deliver anything from one computer to the other via the internet.

To download from torrent sites, you need to have a torrent software download that will help you download what you want to download.

uTorrent and BitTorrent are the best torrent download software found on the web.

More than that sites like zbigz that allow you to download the torrent using your download clients such as IDM or DAP. There are many resources on the web that can help you out. All you need to take care is how to be safe.

Top Torrent Sites For Downloading Movies In 2017

Have you ever wondered about what is the safe way to download movies from torrents? I can bet that you are busy finding the best way out to download Movies from there. Let’s take a look at the sites that will bring you HD movies with optimised download size.


Let’s put a torrent site that is designed specifically for the movie download. This site is developed by the real yify group and is on the web, works fine and you can locate any Hollywood and Bollywood film there on this site. You are going to find a clear, user convenience-oriented interface. Movie quality ranges from 720p to 1080p in the lowest file size possible. Well, this site deserves worth a try.

2. Kickass Torrents

What if you have a hard time with You are going to blame this on me. Don’t you? Okay, Kickasstorrents will be your blessing in disguise if you want to find something up to the mark that you cannot locate anywhere else. The site was once down, but it now runs on without any difficulty with astonishing millions of page views every day.

The particular part is that people are going to comment what they felt with the very specific torrents they downloaded. By this feature whenever you are going to download something, You will get a crystal clear picture of what you are going to download.

3: Extra Torrent

Well, how can I forget about ExtraTorrent this site sponsors a massive database of quick downloading healthy torrent links which will let you entertain yourself with the movie you want to watch with coke and popcorn on.

What makes this site specifically unique is the primary interface that portrays the health and lifetime of a torrent before you can go for downloading it. More than that if you figure out ways to suppress those erotic

4. Pirate Bay

Pirate bay is treated as piracy icon and is believed to be one of the best torrent sites available. This site has faced many revolts earlier and now is back in action. The best part is that it has plenty of useful movie torrents. You can look for what you want and will be available just a few clicks away. You can find documentaries which are hard to be found anywhere else.

5: Rarbg

Why associate torrent with piracy always. RARBG is a torrent site that is not blocked by UK government along with IsoHunt. So, I guess this site could also have some resources available for you. This site has anime, HD movies, Bollywood, Hollywood and other film genres. The best part is that internet pack being killer expensive, we cannot even afford other subscriptions, so we keep looking for free alternatives to what we do on the web.

Warning- Consider it a strict warning that India, US and many other countries are very strict about piracy. So, they are not going to spare you, VPN is the possible way to stay safe. However, again check with your country laws before using Torrents. We repeat be careful while using Torrent Sites.


Torrent sites are like a knife; then you may get hurt. Besides everything, the torrent sites have managed to rule the heart of the youth and have much useful stuff.  So, you know what you are dealing with. We have provided you with the best movie torrent sites, try them and tell us what your experience is. Your comments are valuable. Do comment your viewpoint on this list of torrent sites.


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