Top 8+ Websites To WatchTvSeries Online for free

TV shows have taken over us like never before. There is a certain appeal to them. There are a wide variety of TV shows serving genres from comedy, drama, thriller to a mix-up sense of dragons and killings (Yes, I am talking about the Game of Thrones). Streaming TV shows right on PC with hours of nail-biting and suspense is adrenaline generating enough to watch keep us on the edge of our seats and watch them again and again. While having content offline is handy but we have arrived an era where your storage matters and you cannot just keep on increasing your hard drive space.

With great internet speeds at our bay, watching online Movies, Shows/Series makes more sense and gives us a freedom to watch from any place or any device. For a mobile device, we have Movie Apps and on wider screen Streaming Online Movies on PC is a great option to start with.

To satisfy the hunger to watch tv series or Shows, today, we have compiled a list of 9 online websites from where you can watch TV series online for free along with a few movies if you like. These websites are also suitable to watch Movie online as well.

Watch TV Series

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Top Websites To Watch TV Series Online For Free

1. 123movies

Get all the episodes of you favourite Tv show from here. Simplicity and decent layout of this site make it more appealing to users. If you are one of those users who crave for one more episode before sleeping then this site is your friend. Explore this site and enjoy your show time. It is indeed one of the best websites to watchtvseries online for free.

2. Crackle

If you really planning to spend your with you loved ones then download the app for crackle. Must go to website when it comes to Watch TV Series for free.Crackle tops our list and there are obvious reasons for that. The site boasts a clean interface to navigate around.

You cut to the chase by searching the TV show that you wish to watch and carry on with it. You can add parental controls or make your playlist so that you can watch the content that you love later. It is available across all major platforms which you can access by just activating one time.

3. Sidereel

We all need recommendations. Someone at some point in time suggested us to watch the game of thrones or Orange is the new black and look how it ended. Yes, It was time-consuming and you had that craving of “1 more episode” but it was worth it. Suggestions from friends and reviews from experts are what makes this website a great option for watching TV series online. Also, the TV different shows are categorized according to Genre, popularity, and recommendations which add a tinge flavor to a user experience.

4. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is another great place to enjoy your evening with home theater like experience. They have Amazing Movie collection and it is just a faster and better place for watching online movies for free. If you want, you do get the option to register yourself as a user on this site or else just visit as a guest.

5. PopcornTime

If you don’t like to download torrents and pile up stuff on your system, Popcorn Time will do the job for you. It is an application available across all the major platforms that let you stream torrents from all the major torrent websites.
You can watch on your phone, Mac, PC or Tablet by just downloading an app. While many users find it illegal but there are some users which bank upon the service.

6. Ozomovies

Ozomovies is another website to Stream/ Watch tv Series Online. Arranged alphabetically, the site showcases a broad range of TV Series and Movies to choose from. You only need an active internet connection, a laptop and you’re good to go. Go through the trailers before deciding which movie or TV serials to watch.

Simple Hierarchy and content distribution are what makes Ozomovies different from other websites. The only place where Ozomovies lags is the lack of an app across different platforms. Still, you will eventually end up watching more and more of stuff than anywhere else.

7. TVmuse

When it comes to superior search functionality and smooth flow of content, TVmuse is your answer to Watch TV Series Online for free. Consider it the google for TV shows. You can search from a wide variety of content and save for later if you like a show and wish to resume later. TV muse is one place for all your TV needs. If you’re having a hard time deciding a show, the expert reviews are always at your disposal on the homepage along with news from all around the TV shows with latest trailers and reviews.

Last time we checked, Frank Underwood was on the front page with the latest trailer from House of Cards. “I think America deserves Frank Underwood and in your heart you know I am right”

8. Moviewatcher

If you’re not a fan of registration and wish to watch free TV series online, the movie watcher is the destination for your URL field. There are links to almost all the TV shows with HD content and content that molds itself according to your internet connection. Sort by Name, Sort by rating and drown yourself in the mesmerizing world of TV shows.


Another amazing movie site to have on your list. All the latest and best TV shows are available here. Click here to get the complete catalog of their shows. Here you can Watch Shows for free, Movies without any annoying ads.

New TV shows are updated on regular basis and there is a wide variety to choose from. Although it comes at an expense of commercials in between nevertheless, it was a great experience to Watch TV Shows Online for free from Fmovies.


If you want an option other than the above sites, we would love to suggest you Crackle. Also, Netflix is also another amazing go to a website to Watch TV Series and movies anytime, anywhere you want and of course it is the legal way to watch movies online.

We all know Netflix and recently the service debuted in the whole world excluding 4 countries. Netflix has content filtered according to the location and you get a month of free trial after signing up for the service. If you wish to watch stuff from US and Canada, you can use a VPN for that. The Packages start from Rs.500/month after trial service.

Watch TV Series Online on streaming websites, in case you are using one such service which is not included in above list, then do suggest via comment. We’d love to include it.

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